Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017

Models wearing an array of colorful hijabs walked down a Tokyo catwalk in what organizers said was the first such fashion show for Muslim women in Japan.

Floral patterns were among the designs adorning long robe garments and matching headscarves at Japan's first "Muslimah Fashion Show", which is taking place as part of a two-day Halal Expo Japan event.

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Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017

Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017 will be held this fall!
Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017 will be held this fall! Tokyo Modest, a Modest Fashion show first held in Japan on November 2016, achieved a huge success and it left a vivid impression. To become beautiful is a wish shared by women anywhere in the world.

Of course it applies to Muslim women who follow the teachings of Islam as well. Muslimah do not emphasize their bodies. Instead, they focus on covering their bodies to pursue the beauty most suitable for themselves. Modest Fashion currently holds the attention of the fashion apparel industry both inside and outside of Japan.

This autumn, the Modest Fashion show will be held again in Tokyo, the city that continues to produce fashion trends.

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